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A brief introduction to Wei Heng Law Firm

      Established in 1995 as a partnership law firm, Wei Heng Law Firm is based on the People's Republic of China's Ministry of Justice's Chinese Legal Affairs Center. After ten years of continuous commitment and dedication to service the needs of its clients, our firm has grown into one of China's most prestigious and distinguished law firms in China.  In 2003, Wei Heng Law firm was awarded the title of one of Beijing's "Judicial Administrative System's Advanced Collectives;" in 2004, the firm received the title of one of Beijing's "Most Outstanding Law Firm", and most recently, in 2005 was awarded the title of one of China's most prestigious law firms by the Chinese lawyer's Association.

      Currently, Wei Heng employs a total of 158 lawyers and legal assistants, of whom 51 have attained master's degrees, 8 have earned doctorate degrees, and 12 have spent time studying abroad as scholars.  Furthermore, we have invited famous and reputable foreign experts who are respected in their respective fields of legal theory and the realm of legal practice to serve as our firm's legal counsel.  Per the most basic of Wei Heng lawyer requirements, each lawyer at Wei Heng Law Firm is expected to possess an expansive knowledge of culture, superb professional skills, rich and full practical experiences and to produce industrious results while exercising professional ethics in the practice of law.  We aim to construct an expansive and longstanding presence by emphasizing collective cooperation and through unified coordination amongst our firm's lawyers.  Comprising over 2,500 square meters of office space, each office contains adequate information processing equipment and a complete administration system coupled with equally diligent administration personnel, making it easier to serve our clients in a more proficient and highly effective manner.

      Our law firm has already established branch offices in Shanghai and Shenzhen to provide more invaluable and direct services to our clients throughout Eastern and Southern China.  Additionally, Wei Heng has already established business cooperation relations with over 21 law agencies in 32 large and medium-sized cities throughout the world, including in Canada, the United States of America, France, Japan, Korea, and Hong Kong.  The richness and profusion of our inter-correlated networks, coupled with our rich human resource,s serve as a panacea in providing superior legal services to both clients domestic and abroad.

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Addr:16/F,16F/Block A, China Technology Exchange Building, No 66, North 4th Ring West Road, Haidian District, Beijing, China,100080.